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[Guide] Quick Reference of All Skins in MegaWalls (Updated 05/16/) · asyi, Apr 4 [Official Guide] Mega Walls: A Guide To The Game #UpdatedFrequently. "Mega Walls takes the game to an entirely new level. players total, separated into 4 teams of Spend the first 10 minutes gathering resources, and. Phoenix is a Mythic type class on Hypixel Mega Walls. Cleansing Flames.

The Skeleton class is a free and playable class in Mega Walls known for its fearsome "Night Fury " style of play. Don't know what Mega Walls is? Read about it. Splashing around, like a Squid, because that's what Squids do. Splash. Squid is a Normal Class. The Squid is a Mega Wall class that is free to play from the very. You can also get strength and counter ranged classes like Skeleton or Blaze with your Berserk ability. The Zombie is a free and playable class in Mega Walls.

The Creeper class uses explosive based powers to win. The Creeper class is a very explosive class. It can explode using it's skill causing lots of damage if. The Shaman class is a good all-round class, with good defensive and offensive points. His ability is devastating while in close areas, but useless in large, open. The Arcanist is a class that has got very unique abilities and also the class that has the fastest energy gain (36 energy per hit). While playing the class, your main . Half man, half pig, half Wait! Feel the power of pork! This class is a very stable class, which can be well utilised in all sorts of combat, because it is a class which . The Golem class uses the all mighty powers of the Iron God. This class used to have the best armor in game, and it also has an iron sword. This class is very.

-Brief description of the class-. The Herobrine class is a free and playable class in Mega Walls. Don't know what Mega Walls is? Read about it here. The Blaze class is a ranged class that utilizes its fireballs to attack opponents from afar. It is also good in close combat and perfect for a 1v1 due to its fireball. Pirate is Hero-type class in Mega Walls. It costs coins to unlock. Ability: Cannon fire. The downside to this class is its weak armor. Dreadlord gains 12 energy per hit. Dreadlord is a Hero class in Mega Walls which can be unlocked for 10, coins .

The Spider class is a free and playable class in Mega Walls. This class is very agile and is good at chasing down opponents, or obliterating groups of enemies . This is the Mega Walls Hero Class "Dreadlord" This are 3/4 of its abilities. If you wanna see the Kit and the other Ability go here Server IP: Music. How to Play Mega Walls on Hypixel's Minecraft Server. New to Hypixel's Minecraft server? Need help with Mega Walls? This is the right guide! Cut through the. 25 Apr Player Information. [VIP] MegaWalls [WALRUS]. Multiplier: Level 17 (x) Level: Karma: 4, Achievement Points:


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